Gamify your content

$ 99.00

A Watch Party that extends beyond the chat - because let's face it, what's a party without games? - Go Live on the Watch Party Platform. - Sell Tickets to Your Event or Make it Free. - Broadcast to Your YouTube Channel. - Play Live in the App. - Producer on Site for Live Questions. - Fun Button Contest. - Co-Host(s) Up to 3 - Live Fan Live with Screening Room

No matter where or how your viewers consume their content, they can all enjoy the party.

Elevate the Big Screen Broadcasts by synchronizing content with live broadcasts, enriching the viewing experience.

Enhance the small screen experience with our seamless integration into your existing streaming app, enabling users to effortlessly switch between both apps while enjoying layered Picture-in-Picture (PIP) video functionality.

Captivate your audience on their mobile devices with pre-scheduled trivia questions or live predictive outcomes. Reward participants with points for each correct answer and offer real-time updates on their ranking via the leaderboard.

Featuring 'Watch-and-Win Fun Button Contests,' participants are prompted to press the fun button when specific occurrences or events happen during a show or event. Winners based on predefined fun button tap counts are automatically awarded prizes through our automated platform.

Host a celebrity pre-screening or after-party on the Watch Party Platform, akin to the dynamic format of the Manning Cast. Showcase celebrity, athlete, or artist influencers for an interactive post-event Q&A session. Utilize the Fan Call-In Line with a Green Screening room, engage with the Live Chat feature, or enable attendees to use their tickets to elevate their messages for enhanced visibility.

Establish a meaningful connection with your viewers that transcends mere data points, leveraging real-time user engagement, retention analytics, and demographics. With a built-in customer loyalty and automated interaction ticket rewards system, users can accumulate tickets through engagement. These tickets can then be redeemed for entry into private watch parties or unique collectibles available in the Watch Party Shop.

Synchronize broadcast sponsors and promotions in real-time or pre-scheduled, delivering second-screen engagement and conversions just a tap away.

Let's kick off the party! Reach out to me to discover more about how the Watch Party platform can strengthen your connection with your customers and deliver additional value to your sponsors.

Contact us to plan your party.

Influencers - Gamify Your Content

Captivate & Monetize your audience on their mobile devices.

Deliver live content and games synced with your stream



Host a live Stream,  Auction, or Private event to raise Money for your charity Sell tickets on your website or within the app.

Private Watch Party Event link to post publicly or send to VIP ticket holders.


Teams & Leagues

Captivate your fans on their mobile devices.

Deliver Live Content, Games, Contests, and Offers to complement the live game.


Trade Shows & Conventions

Captivate your fans on their mobile devices.

Deliver Live Content, Games, Contests, and Offers to complement your live event.


Business Owners/HR

The ultimate team builder. Compete on site or remote. A fun and easy way to ignite and inform your team.